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Dog Behavioural Problems

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My Vision

My vision is to help owners understand how to positively train their dogs and give them the knowledge to modify unwanted behaviour, ultimately improving the bond between the owner and their dog.

Behavioural Problems


Some common behavioural problems are easily fixed, some in just one lesson. Some behaviours take longer to train and often depends on the age and breed of the dog and how much time the owner is willing to dedicate to training. This doesn't mean you need a trainer for months on end, once you are happy with the techniques it will be down to the owner to practice with their dog on their own.

Common behavioural problems are jumping, aggression or resource guarding, pulling on the lead, digging or chewing, no recall, house soiling, barking or has separation anxiety.

Dog and Puppy Training


Its never too late to teach the basics. Ideally these would be learned as a puppy but you can teach an old dog new tricks contrary to popular belief. Learning how to communicate and be consistent with your dog will also strengthen your bond.

All dogs should know sit, down, stay, loose lead walking, off, yes and no, leave it, look at me, here/come and training can start as soon as you bring your puppy home.

Help with Breed Selection

A session to cover the most important considerations when choosing a puppy or dog. What to expect before you get a dog and then choosing the right breed for your lifestyle.



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"Absolutely over the moon with Belle's progress in just one week, I would highly recommend to anyone with doggie issues and will definitely be using to sort out other issues, thanks again, brilliant" Tom (Cannock)